Does Louisville, Kentucky get a TopGolf?


When I went to Minneapolis a few years ago I visited this really cool downtown pub. In fact, it’s called British pub.

If you eat upstairs (recommended), you will eat out. The weather was wonderful that day. The food was ridiculously delicious. And the lawn bowling was a nice touch.

Yes that’s right, there was a huge lawn bowling green in the center of the dining room and it was so cool, even though I don’t know anything about lawn bowling.

As far as I’m concerned, this whole concept is magnified a thousand times over at TopGolf, the massive chain of sport / dinner / entertainment / party venues spreading across the country. And the “sport” in question is of course golf.

These enormous elevated autonomies have always fascinated me. I would like to try myself. No, I’m a bad golfer, but I manage to drive the ball decently. And I guess I can putt. Put it in the hole? Well, that’s another matter.

But TopGolf is more than just golf. There are places for entertainment, dining and celebration.

There is one in Nashville. In fact, here’s a quick rundown (literally):

How cool is that?

Well, Louisville is about to have one and if it goes where the permits say it, that old Oxmoor center is about to come back to life, according to

The construction of the huge three-story complex has been underway for three years, although at the stage of reflection. But now a variety of permits have been filed that seem to tell us that the former Sears flagship store on Oxmoor will soon be a distant memory.

In addition, the addition of TopGolf will enhance this area of ​​Louisville. No, it’s not run down and run down – not close – but it has been a food and retail district for several decades.

TopGolf feels like it is bringing this part of Derby City into the 21st century.

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