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The Point, Eastleigh and sister venue The Berry Theater are delighted to announce the appointment of Charlotte Hall as the new Creative Director.

Charlotte has a long-standing relationship with The Point, Eastleigh as a founding member of the ShadyJane Theater Company, one of the venue’s first cohorts of associate artists. The company was supported by the venue from 2009 to 2013 through its Visionary Artist Development Program, in which ShadyJane won a Total Theater Award for Emerging Company in 2011 and secured funding from the Arts Council for Development. and tours in 2021 and 2013.

Charlotte graduated from the University of Winchester with an MA in Performance and a BA in Drama, and continued her career in the region in the arts as an education officer and leader of youth theater at the Corn Exchange in Newbury, before moving to the Theater Royal Winchester as their community engagement. Director. She returned to the Corn Exchange in 2017 and stepped down as Head of Programming and Engagement with an impressive track record of increasing attendance and developing work to meet the needs of the venue community.

Charlotte will lead the artistic vision and production of the two sites managed by the Eastleigh Borough Council, including all programming, their festivals and broader Borough events. She will continue to forge key connections with circus, aerial and outdoor artists and networks, with a focus on developing The Point’s community work and expanding its artistic and health production. She will continue to program high quality work for families at the Berry Theater, as well as its successful theater and comedy program, and develop opportunities to engage residents of the wider Eastleigh borough.

Charlotte said:

“I know organizations well from my experience as an associate artist, so the circular story is really nice. There is so much to do and so much potential and I am grateful to have the opportunity to come and lead and support the team and support the artists because I have been supported myself.

“As a local person, I feel connected and very passionate about the communities we work with. Our buildings and our work are for them and I am delighted to continue the good work that has already been done and to do more. The arts are so important to mental health and well-being and it is a real privilege to work on something that I am so passionate about, but which also has a positive impact on other people.

Nickola Moore, Head of Arts and Culture at Eastleigh Borough Council, added:

“We are delighted to welcome Charlotte to our team. Our locations and their work form a key part of Eastleigh Borough Council’s strategic health, wellness and placement priorities and underpin our service plan alongside the Arts Council’s Create 2020-2030 strategy. England.

“Charlotte’s appointment marks an excellent opportunity to support the development of creative people, cultural communities and to find innovative ways to use our spaces, indoors and outdoors and throughout the borough, allowing communities to connect with us and with each other.

Councilor Derek Pretty, Eastleigh City Council Economics Cabinet Member, said: “I am pleased to welcome Charlotte to our talented team at Point and The Berry Theater. The two sites are the pillars of the borough’s cultural economy; they play an important role in promoting well-being, as well as the arts, and have gained an enviable reputation.

“We wish Charlotte the best of luck in this exciting role and look forward to enjoying the programs she and the team produce as we emerge from the COVID pandemic.”

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