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RETROSPEKT Miami detailed the full program of its “immersive festival of micro music and art” 2021 to be held in Moxy South Beach station on July 10 and 11. Created, produced and promoted by women Idea, the event aims to spotlight underrepresented artistic voices in an experience-driven destination event atmosphere.

The sets of RETROSPEKT Miami will be programmed on three custom stages designed and organized by Molly surno of Push projects, the Brooklyn’s Elsewhere artistic direction team, in collaboration with Maktive, the creative minds behind events like Electric Zoo, and Aerial dragons, a Florida-based aerial entertainment and circus collective.

Born from the success of the RETROSPEKT virtual event last year, RETROSPEKT will take a hybrid approach for the July festival in South Florida. The event will welcome less than 1,000 in-person attendees per day, but the music and experience will be available to fans at home via live broadcasts. Much of the event will be streamed for free on Tic, while some shows will be available as pay-per-view offers via NoCap.

RETROSPEKT will feature over 50 live acts from across the stylistic spectrum, including rock, rap, pop, R&B, funk, soul, reggae, dance music, and more. Headliners include Wu-Tang Clan MC Ghostface killah, rising R&B singer Sabrina claudio, a DJ set by Chromeo, and a performance again Tycho live group project ISO50, and more.

Other emerging artists in the RETROSPEKT line include Detroit DJ Minx, nightclub and king of the house Eli Escobar, TikTok Sensation Blu DeTiger, bluesy pop singer Mia Gladstone, British R&B Crooner Col3trane, New Orleans Grammy Nominated Outfit Tank and the Bangas, THE seesaw Judith Hilland over 30 other national and international tours. Local artists will also be well represented, with Hailstones, Xperimento, Afrobeta, The Ries brothers, Kathy palma, Mayor of Yoli, and more ready to perform.

“RETROSPEKT is a micro-festival that leads with creativity and inclusion,” says Ideaison’s founder and creative director Lauren Kashuk. “We are targeting superfans while simultaneously exploiting an unmet need in the market. The micro-festival aims to feel exclusive in person with a small capacity (1K / day), but it is inclusive in design and principle as it will be broadcast live across the world.

Apart from more than 50 sets spread over three stages, RETROSPEKT Miami will focus intensely on immersive and theatrical art. The names of the scenes – the past, present and future – will come to life, giving live broadcasts the feel of music videos with fans in action.

In-person fans will be able to book additional equipment, including a “retrospective area” at the previous stage presented by a non-profit organization. Write love in her arms; a drag queen brunch organized by House of Yesresident artist Mrs Vivien V; mezcal tastings; aerial and circus performances by Aerial Dragons; a cereal and cartoon bar curated by an illustrator Joe palec; and more.

“As far as most of the large-scale, cross-genre festivals go, the festival-goers went there, did that,” Kashuk continues. “Nothing puts them in phase… Coming out of Covid, fans are hungry for live music, but I also think they are thirsty for a carefully curated artistic experience to meet and connect with others.”

“One thing you will notice is that our festival and our programming are rich in diversity,” adds Kashuk. “If there isn’t a diverse woman or someone at the leadership level, inclusion is seen as an afterthought. … Under-represented people are excluded from the room where the music is written and produced, ignored when developing promotional strategies, and then ignored or underestimated as headliners. We are not disappointed with this.

See below for a full list of RETROSPEKT Miami 2021 artists. Limited two-day and one-day tickets and hotel packages for RETROSPEKT Miami are available through the event website.

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