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Prince Dance Company (PDC) will present the dazzling theatrical performing arts film “(Still) En Route”, after being forced by the pandemic to move away from a live performance.

The film uses dance, circus arts, song, aerial dance, and acting to explore the mysteries of life and death and the connections between people. It is a lively and colorful adventure through the magic and mysteries of life and the afterlife.

“(Still) En Route” was conceptualized in early 2019 by Angel Prince, artistic director of the Prince Dance Company and the Institute, and Noelani Anderson. It was originally developed as a full stage performance to be presented at the Kahilu Theater in May 2020. However, the COVID-19 pandemic struck and the original performances were canceled. The “(Still) En Route” project has been suspended. However, PDI has found another way to share the spectacle with the community.

“This past year has asked a lot of everyone; and although it was quite difficult, after thinking about what to do with “ (Still) En Route ”, we decided that the best way forward was to use this as an opportunity to try something new, fresh and different – to create a performing arts film. We wanted to see where our art could take us, ”Prince said. “The PDI staff have all had some experience creating performances that have been filmed before, but we were aiming much higher for ‘(Still) En Route’. It was specially designed for the camera and exhibits exceptionally high production values. “

“With the COVID restrictions still in place, we are still unable to put on a live performance, so the PDI staff all agreed that it would be a fantastic hub to make this art film in place of our performance. final on the regular stage, ”she added.

“(Still) En Route” is directed by Prince and filmed and edited by Tom Visser. The film features over 100 top performing arts students from the Prince Dance Institute.

“Tom Visser was instrumental in guiding us through this process; this cannot be overstated. He worked with us on previous productions, and he filmed our film performance ‘Quinceañera’ last December, but that project was on another level, ”Prince said.

“(Still) En Route” features contemporary dance, theater, trapeze, musical theater, aerial silks, hip-hop and breakdance and features new choreography by Prince, Elizabeth Brawner, Kat Reuss, Debra McGee , Kalena Zindric, Mana Ho’opai (Hilo), Noelani Anderson, Julie Young and Shiloh Goodin.

Access to “(Still) En Route” costs $ 20 and can be purchased at Access to the film will be available on May 29, 2021 at 5 p.m. HST.

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