Brighton & Hove’s new home for dance draws considerably closer


Southeastern Dance Team Federico Bedoya, Rose Kigwana and Lucy Lindley;  with Anne Colvin, pilot group member and dance artist, outside the city's new dance hall, The Dance Space.  Photo: Darren Cool.
Southeastern Dance Team Federico Bedoya, Rose Kigwana and Lucy Lindley; with Anne Colvin, pilot group member and dance artist, outside the city’s new dance hall, The Dance Space. Photo: Darren Cool.

South East Dance staff and a member of their community steering group gathered at The Dance Space to strike a pose on the building’s most iconic feature – its recently completed spiral exterior staircase.

The Dance Space is Brighton & Hove’s new home for the dance opening in Spring 2022, a venue its creators – a South East Dance charity – hope to become the beating heart of all things dance in the city.

Spokeswoman Chloe Barker said: “Over a decade in the making and supported by investment from Brighton & Hove City Council, Arts Council England and a host of private donors, The Dance Space is located in the recently transformed Circus Street neighborhood, near Valley Gardens. and next to the University of Brighton Grand Parade site.

“With its impressive tarnished copper steel casing designed by architects shedkm, the spiral staircase is one of the building’s most iconic features and its installation marks an exciting step towards the building’s public launch in the spring of 2022.

“Featuring state-of-the-art studios, a 123-seat performance space, and a floor of meeting rooms and offices for rent, The Dance Space will bring together professional dance artists and people of all ages and abilities to create, enjoy and experience dancing.

Anne Colvin, a member of the South East Dance Community Steering Group, who has been central in designing the types of activities that will take place in the space, says: “It’s so exciting to see the building take over. form.

Rose Kigwana, Senior Producer at South East Dance, said: “When it opens next year, The Dance Space will be the first new arts and culture building to open in the city in a very long time. We can’t wait to welcome everyone inside and for the space to start contributing to the creative and cultural revival of Brighton & Hove.

“We are putting the finishing touches to our launch program of events, classes and dance performances and we believe there will be something for everyone – from Bharatanatyam to breakdance to ballet.

“And with the keys which should be handed over in July, ready to go in and start fitting out the building, it all becomes very real and very, very exciting!”

Chloe added, “At the heart of the Circus Street transformation, which includes 142 new homes, 450 student rooms and 32,000 square feet of office space, is a public plaza with small, independent, larger restaurants and stores. than Jubilee Square. Opening up to it, The Dance Space is expected to engage 70,000 people per year with its online and indoor program. The whole district is designed in a sustainable way and more than 100 trees will be planted there.

“South East Dance is an artistic charity that works with dance professionals and people from across the region to make the South East a thriving hotbed for dance.

“We support dance artists who specialize in all forms, from breakdancing to the ballroom, with funding, personalized advice and networking opportunities throughout their careers. As strong believers in the health and wellness benefits of dance, we also work hard to bring movement to as many people as possible, especially those who may not have had the experience. opportunity or the confidence to try it before.

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