Josh Duhamel shares images of near drowning in Dominican Republic


Josh Duhamel stars in Jupiter’s legacy, which spans decades and follows a new generation of superheroes trying to live up to their parents’ legacy.

Visiting Tonight’s Show with Jimmy Fallon, however, Duhamel shared that he almost needed superpowers to survive a breaking wave during filming. Hunting rifle wedding in the Dominican Republic.

“I had some free time, and just below where I was staying, where my green room was, was this beautiful cove,” said the 48-year-old. “Earlier in the shoot, it was a perfectly calm little turquoise cove that I could jump over. I actually jumped off that platform into the water, swam to the beach, and got home.

No need to double down yet.

Duhamel continued, “Well, about a week later this place was completely different because now the ocean was really rough that day, and the waves were crashing like 30 feet in the air. And got me. literally washed almost to the edge of that cliff. Luckily there is this razor sharp coral that held me upright, but it turned me into a burger. … that was one of the near death experiences of my life, for sure. “

Fallon then shared footage of the incident (2:42-mark):

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