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When I was a child, an afternoon of pure happiness only required three things:

  • A cold glass of Hi-C (orange flavor, thank you very much.)
  • Consecutive episodes of “Bewitched”
  • My LEGO mountain

And while my tastes for drinks and TV have changed, I still love those little, nested bricks.

Today, LEGO is more popular than ever, with a few rare sets selling for big bucks. If you’ve got some LEGO boxes collecting dust somewhere, maybe it’s time to dig.

Here is a list of valuable LEGO sets with their corresponding set numbers. Resale prices on sites like eBay were accurate at the time of writing, but tend to change often.

1. Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon (Set # 10179)

The Star Wars franchise is a collectible category of its own. And in 2007, LEGO wowed sci-fi fans with the release of its Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon set.

the Millennium Falcon Specifications are awesome. The 5,195 piece set is the largest LEGO set ever. When fully assembled the vessel is 33 inches long and 22 inches wide

As Yoda would say, “Huge, that’s it!”

Equally impressive is the resale value today. An unopened ultimate collector’s Millennium Falcon set as this one on eBay can sell for up to $ 6,900.

2. Café Corner (Set # 10182)

According to Brickset, the internet’s foremost authority on all things LEGO, Coffee corner was introduced in 2007 as part of LEGO Creative expert sets.

Although it originally sold for $ 139.99, Café Corner has become a hot property. Used sets now sell for around $ 1,500 online, and this unopened set recently grossed $ 3,350 on eBay.

3. Market Street (set # 10190)

Part of the LEGO Factory brand, Market Street was originally designed by LEGO fans. The 1,248-piece set could be combined with Café Corner and other kits to create an entire neighborhood.

When released in 2007, the set retailed for $ 89.99. But like all good real estate, Market Street has gone up in value. According to Brick Economy, a site that tracks the market value of LEGO sets and accessories, a new factory-sealed set was recently worth $ 2,765.92, although values ​​fluctuate.

4. Large carousel (set no.10196)

Released in 2009 for the retail price of $ 249.99, The LEGO Grand Carousel featured full remote control functionality that allowed the completed model to turn and play music.

Due to its impressive engineering, Grand Carousel has a high resale value. The sets used can go for almost $ 1,000 on eBay, but this unopened set sold for nearly $ 2,500.

5. LEGOLAND train (Set # 4000014)

The limited edition LEGOLAND train sets have never been available for retail sale. Instead, they were presented as gifts to participants of the 2014 LEGO Inside tour in Billund, Denmark. And based on current values, these rare gifts keep on giving.

According to BrickEconomy, a LEGOLAND train in factory-sealed condition was recently valued at nearly $ 2,600 today. Choo choo!

6. King’s Castle (Set # 6080)

This one is an old man. King’s Castle came out in 1984 and, with 674 pieces, was considered a huge set at the time.

According to Brickset, King’s Castle was originally retailed for $ 52.75, but the prices have gone up – royally. This unopened set is on sale for $ 2,125 on eBay.

7. Taj Mahal (set # 10189)

The LEGO Taj Mahal was released in 2008 and initially sold for $ 299.99. With 5,922 pieces, builders could replicate every bow, arrow, and dome of India’s marble masterpiece.

The factory sealed sets of the Taj Mahal are in high demand by collectors, with sets sold for $ 800 or more.

8. Statue of Liberty (Set # 3450)

In 2000, LEGO introduced their iconic Statue of Liberty set. With 2,882 pieces, Lady Liberty stands almost 3 feet tall when fully assembled.

Although it was originally sold for about $ 200, a set in perfect condition as this one on eBay can sell for up to $ 1,725.

9. Airport shuttle (Set # 6399)

LEGO released their Airport Shuttle set in 1990. When complete, the 767-piece model featured a loop track and battery-powered monorail train.

Airport shuttle originally sold for 140 $, But this set used recently sold for $ 1,999.99 on eBay.

10. Star Wars TIE Interceptor (Set # 7181)

Released by LEGO in 2000, the Star Wars TIE Interceptor set was part of the ultimate LEGO collector’s series. The packaging of 703 pieces initially sold for $ 100.

According to BrickEconomy, the value of the set is growing by almost 8% each year. As of this writing, Factory Sealed Sets are worth a true galactic $ 1,203.96.

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