Untie Diapers: A Conversation with Dominic Brunt and Joanne Mitchell for Attacking Adult Babies


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The aftermath of a horrific home invasion forces three frightened family members to break into a remote mansion and steal Top Secret documents. Little do they know that the majestic heap is also the clandestine place where a group of powerful elderly men take refuge from the stresses and strains of everyday life by dressing in diapers and having a multitude of beautiful nurses indulging in. all their perverts. whim of the nursery. They don’t realize it either

grotesque assembly is forced to supply the world economy with very sick and monstrous means. As bodily fluids hit the ventilator, the bloody carnage and bizarre weirdness intensifies.

Before the Horror Channel UK TV premiere The attack on adult babies, January 5, 9 p.m., director Dominic Brunt and actor / producer partner Joanne Mitchell peel off the diapers …

On January 5th, ATTACK OF THE ADULT BABIES will premiere in the UK on Horror Channel. Are you both excited?

DOMINIQUE: I am on the moon. As a horror fan, I am also a fan of the Horror channel. It’s an honor to have our work previewed with one of our favorite channels. The Horror Channel (along with Fright Fest and Metrodome) took Before Dawn under its wing when it was released as its first feature film. It marked our transition from window horror geeks to horror film directors and we were treated well indeed.

JEANNE: We’re thrilled and incredibly excited that the film is making its TV premiere with The Brilliant Horror Channel. We’ve always been huge fans and the channel has always been incredibly supportive of us and our films and many other filmmakers.

What would you like viewers to take away from the film?

DOMINIQUE: We’d like viewers to watch it primarily as entertainment, but hopefully take the time to think about broader meanings and intentions. We really enjoyed that the film was adopted as a roller coaster of gore and madness!

JEANNE: Above all, I would like viewers to have fun and give in to the mad rush. We dared to do something totally different from anything we’ve ever done and are proud that it has been called an extraordinary horror film. It’s a lot of fun, and it was to do too!

Dominic, do you think your Emmerdale fans will be surprised / shocked to find out that you are making full-fledged horror films?

I think they’re either going to ignore what I’m up to, as far as horror movies go, or they’ll buy into the idea and support what we have “out there” on Netflix and Amazon and so on. I’ve been involved with genre festivals in Leeds for over a decade and Before Dawn was made almost eight years ago. We have seen clips shown on TV during the day of a few of the movies, so I’m not sure what we’re doing is shocked (although I hope the content in our movies is on purpose). Before Dawn and Adult Babies are pure fantasy with no hard feelings, and you can’t pretend we weren’t being true to our intentions regarding Bait.

Joanne, you played four characters in Emmerdale and recently appeared in a lead role on Coronation Street. How does soapland compare to splatterland?

Oh my God, they couldn’t be more polarized! However, each genre is a great platform for stories and characters, just that the soap operas are much faster and very fluid. With independent horror films, you can take more risks!

AOTAB, under all the satirical and gory pleasure, deals with some pretty dark issues. Did you always intend to make a politically motivated horror comedy?

DOMINIQUE: I believe you can make an allegorical and political argument without being boring or boring or preachy. Bait is incredibly political, but he’s dressed and presented as a thriller and (hopefully) a gripping story above all else. I don’t think we’ll make a movie that isn’t a metaphor or allegory for something other than the surface story.

JEANNE: Yes, that was our intention – the idea of ​​fat adult babies making important decisions in our society tickled us – such a terrifying big picture. We wanted to see how far we could go – and I think we managed to get quite far!

Class problems are rearing their heads. Dominic, do you think they are just as ingrained in British society as they were in the past – so just as relevant today?

DOMINIQUE: have always been and always will be. For just one example, look at hunting laws as a microcosm of the whole of society and laws imposed on the popular classes. Who adheres to what, and who continues despite everything? Who turns a blind eye and, in some cases, actively supports the violation of laws passed in the same parliament supposedly enforced by the same police force created for “all of us”? The anger is hidden but it is there. I’m 48 so I’ve seen unions crushed, raves stopped, movies banned, ancient monuments cordoned off and football monetized to the max, fellow travelers assaulted and stigmatized for living an alternative lifestyle.

The film certainly grabbed the attention of critics, Hey You Guys called it “… the kind of deranged, overwhelming rudeness that seems to only appear once in a generation.” How convinced were you that the film could appeal to audiences?

JEANNE: To be honest, you never know. Audiences can be so different. The audience for FrightFest, for example, is always very supportive, but it then took a turn for the worse with regional festivals too, as well as overseas. The French audience for example (Paris) was a surprise – the movie had subtitles and I was really not sure it would translate well, but they had a great time watching it and really got it . We knew it would work well at genre festivals, but since I think horror fans are keen to seek out and watch something different, it’s a wonderful, exciting platform to keep telling stories. So I hope the Horror Channel fans will enjoy it too.

DOMINIQUE: Well, it’s not really the new Star Wars but in its own little niche I’m absolutely thrilled. We have to be thankful for a good release as distribution through Nucleus and AMP backing us and then people like FrightFest and The Horror Channel being there to spread our ideas and stories. Otherwise, you are yelling at a wall.

It’s a chaotic sexual anarchy that has made it feel quite Orton-esque in some corners of the media. Was Joe Orton an inspiration? Who inspired you? Have there been any particularly influential films?

DOMINIQUE: I LOVE Joe Orton but he wasn’t on our minds at all, I don’t think so. It’s more of a visual representation of the old 50s EC horror comics that I love to read. We tried to make them concrete around Jo’s story and Paul Shrimpton’s screenplay.

JEANNE: There was really a mass of influences, both from myself and Dominic, especially when it came to political figures, exploitative male bosses and various scandals in the society we live in, with cinematic influences. like the Blob, stuff, all Carry On rascals and Benny Hill naughty ridiculous humor too

Joanne, it was your idea to focus the film on the world of infantilism. How did you first discover this underground world?

It was really an amalgamation of things. I had switched to talking to a very intelligent and articulate young woman who was a domineering. She ran her own dungeon and was very successful. She fascinated me. She spoke quite quietly about what her job entailed – of

what I could glimpse of this world was quite bizarre and interesting: businessmen who wanted nothing more than to spend the day regressing as an infant or baby, letting go of all the pressures and stress of their high-powered jobs. It piqued my interest and my imagination.

Dominic, the acting was very strong and the cast of cult comedian Charlie Chuck particularly stands out. Was it difficult to find the actors you wanted?

I think at our level you have to cast and audition for the role rather than filling your movie with faces and names. We were lucky to have Kate Coogan, Sally Dexter, Jo, Andy Dunn, Nicky Evans, Thaila Zucchi, Seamus O’Neil, Laurence Harvey, Charlie Chuck etc. you have to launch smart. They liked the script above all (fortunately) and not necessarily the budget.

Your Mitchell-Brunt Films production company has been around for seven years and you must be proud of what you have achieved so far (BEFORE DAWN & BAIT feature films) What plans do you have for the future?

DOMINIQUE: Several files FULL of stuff. Additionally, 101 Movies are looking to re-release Before Dawn and Bait on BluRay, with plenty of new extras. They had only been released on DVD so far, so we’re very happy and flattered.

JEANNE: We have more movie ideas coming up and currently have a film in development, Lost Dogs by Jeff Lemire. I have also just made my first short film, SYBIL, which is currently touring the festival circuit.

Following the success of the LE Blu-ray edition, Nucleus Films is releasing a Blu-ray Standard Edition January 28, 2019.

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