RHOP’s Gizelle Bryant blames Kenya for LaToya Ali’s behavior on RHOA as fans blast LaToya


Gizelle bryant blame Kenya Moore for LaToya Alithe behavior of The Real Housewives of Atlanta as LaToya is accused of “anti-black” behavior in a remodeled clip.

Real Housewives of Potomac Star Gizelle has an interesting take on LaToya’s antics on RHOA. As fans are probably aware, the newcomer, who has been described as ‘Kenya on steroids’ has ruffled a few feathers so far this season and appears to be lashing out at her newbie comrade, Drew sidora, rather hard. LaToya has shaded Drew’s wig on several occasions, and judging by some of Drew’s recent interviews, there’s still a lot more drama between the ladies to come. On the January 31 episode, LaToya ended up getting his hands on Drew and the ladies had to convince the YouTuber to apologize.

Gizelle decided to weigh the situation on Bravo’s chat room calling her friend Kenya for allowing LaToya to get her messy.

“I blame it all on Miss Kenya Moore, who I love because, Kenya, check your daughter because LaToya is your daughter,” she said, according to Beautiful urban. “You brought her into the group. And you allow him to be, I dunno, just like an irritating gnat to Drew. And you keep coming for Drew, keep coming for Drew. I blame you. Kenya, look at your daughter. You are responsible for this newbie, ”said Gizelle.

It should be mentioned that although Kenya and LaToya have become very close, it was in fact Kandi burruss who introduced LaToya to the other ladies and brought her to the show. Kandi has confirmed this on several occasions.

Although Gizelle holds Kenya responsible for LaToya’s behavior on the show, the newbie apparently has a history of alleged bad behavior. According to a report by Madamenoire, an old clip of “history” has resurfaced where LaToya is seen blowing up an old friend in a completely inappropriate manner. The since-deleted video, titled “Story Time: The Time I Beat My Best Friend,” was originally posted to his YouTube account, and some of the video is now circulating on Twitter.

LaToya calls his old friend “ghetto” and then continues to make other extremely problematic comments.

“This girl is a super ghetto,” began the reality TV star. “She has huge Donkey Kong lips. Close all eyes. Imagine a face with two pillowcases as its lips. Now open your eyes. She wore simple braids and every time she rocked her hair a braid fell out. You see that braid hanging around your neighborhood, yes, it’s probably hers.

Many fans are unhappy with LaToya’s comments and some are calling for her to be fired from her role as a friend.

“[Andy Cohen] be sure to discuss the horrible and racist video [LaToya] made about her old friend, ”one fan tweeted.

Another person tweeted: “This is a video about an ex-girlfriend in which she’s very anti-black and super colourist… .. I doubt they’ll give her a peach after that.”

It’s unclear if Gizelle has seen this clip, or if she will begin to hold LaToya accountable for her own behavior in light of this latest revelation.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday evenings on Bravo at 8 / 7c.

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