Packaging technology keeps Vireo Health cannabis flower tasty and potent for longer


A group of compounds collectively referred to as terpenes are what provide the characteristic smell and flavor of cannabis. There is some evidence that terpenes are also responsible for some of the pharmacological benefits of medical cannabis. These compounds are however very volatile, so as soon as the plants are harvested, these molecules evaporate into the air, especially during drying and storage.

Vireo Health International Inc., a science-driven, physician-founded, multi-state cannabis company has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with eBottles420– a supplier of high quality packaging to the cannabis market – to manufacture and distribute Vireo’s patent-pending and terpene-preserving packaging system to maintain product consistency.

How the system works

This system is designed to preserve the cannabis flower by inhibiting the gradual loss of terpenes in pots – made from any standard material, such as glass or plastic – by including a source of volatile terpenes in the pot. ‘packaging itself. These will replenish the headspace balance, which means that the terpenes in the flower will not have a balance to fill the air space.

Using a 12-cavity injection mold, eBottles420 created a basket – made from a proprietary blend of recyclable plastics to ensure material compatibility with terpenes as these compounds may exhibit incompatibilities with certain plastics – which fits into the underside of the jar cap, which hangs slightly in the headspace of the jar. Inside the basket is the matrix that cannabis growers imbue with the terpene compound.

The method of processing depends on the producer – it can be done with a robotic filling system or by hand with a dropper.

These efforts aim to ensure that terpene levels in cannabis products are preserved throughout the distribution chain – from the greenhouse to the customer’s home – so that consumers can have a robust and consistent flavor profile.

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“From a medical perspective, we focus on consistency,” says Eric Greenbaum, Scientific Director of Vireo Health. “We want to make sure that when customers buy the variety they prefer, in a month or two, it will be the same. “

Although the system is designed to work with most materials, Vireo encourages the use of recyclable materials and works with eBottles420 to ensure that the materials used in the company’s initial offerings are recyclable.


Vireo says there are no special labeling requirements with their packaging. As the company is multi-state, the content of the label changes depending on the program of the state overseeing production. The company uses a two-part labeling system, with the main label displaying the brand name and product type. The additional label contains the lot number, specific test results and any type of state specific content.

Future plans for cannabis packaging

The current packaging system only applies to potted cannabis flowers. Vireo therefore strives to make them also available in bags. The company is also experimenting to test whether or not the system works with concentrates. Another future attempt is to add a temperature and humidity control system to the packaging.

Vireo recently created a subsidiary called Resurgent Biosciences to house Vireo’s intellectual property portfolio and related initiatives in a non-plant entity and intended to expand potential partnership opportunities or other strategic outcomes. Technologies such as the terpene-preserving packaging system have a variety of potential applications in many industries beyond cannabis, the company said, including food and beverage and health and beauty products. .

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