New hub will help connect residents with resources


There are a number of government and nonprofit resources available to help Bucks Counts in need, but it can be difficult to know what can help them or even exist.

In an effort to help, the county government opened the Bucks Human Services Connect Hub in the administration building at 55 East Court Street in the borough of Doylestown. The center is open without an appointment from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday.

County Social Services Director Rachael Neff speaks at the opening of the hub.
Credit: Bucks County

The center is managed by a full-time resource navigator who can connect residents with services that can help meet their needs. The Navigator can connect residents with government departments and outside nonprofit partners.

“The goal is for it to be a one-stop-shop,” said Diane Ellis-Marseglia, chair of the Bucks County Commissioners. “You call here and you will get the correct referral. “

The ribbon was cut by officials on Tuesday in a small ceremony.

Residents who cannot make it for an in-person visit can contact the Bucks Human Services Connect Hub by phone at 215-348-6201, or by emailing [email protected]

Credit: Bucks County

“Whether you are trying to get help for an elderly person, trying to connect your child with mental health services, or are food or income insecure, coming to the Hub means you can. be put on track, ”said Rachael Neff, director of social services for Bucks County.

County officials said they were able to reallocate existing offices in the administration building, which is the old courthouse, to create the center.

Officials said the creation of the hub responds to a recommendation made by the transition team when the new administration took office last year.

The county will review call and referral data for analysis to improve operations.

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