Netflix night – 18 of the funniest movies to watch with your friends while socializing


Roast your favorite movies with your buds in the safety of your own home!

So, in case you didn’t know, Google Chrome has an absolutely amazing extension called “Netflix night, “which allows subscribers to watch a show or movie at the same time as several friends AND have a live chat.

It’s like yours Mystery Science Theater 3000, but with the strike!

And since we’re all inside social distancing *, I decided to take it upon myself to put together what I personally believe to be the funniest movies out there. Netflix watching with friends and group chatting simultaneously. I have also divided them by category for easy choice. You’re welcome:

Cinema 5

Why it’s perfect: It’s the most cited movie of all time and RIPE for a kind of virtual drinking game (for those of us 21 and over, of course). It’s easy to have fun in the background, but it’s also full of silly jokes to make you forget about things. UNPOPULAR OPINION: The Lancelot section is the best and most underrated part of the whole movie. “HA, HA!”

Paramount Pictures

Why it’s perfect: There’s so much to discuss in a group adult chat about this beloved ’80s comedy. Like, how about that fan theory that Cameron and Ferris are the same person? Or how is Ferris the real villain of the movie and is he horrible enough? Why is there a real Chicago sausage king ?! So many subjects!

Columbia Pictures

Why it’s perfect: Listen i know you mean Why is this film in the “classic comedies” section? but … listen to me: this movie is hilarious. That’s it; that’s my point. It’s so random and fun to watch in a group, especially deciding which of your friends is which character (I’m a Michael Keaton through and through).

Sony Pictures

Why it’s perfect: Why not use this quarantine period to watch and / or review the best Spider Man all-time movie (fight me; it is!)? You will laugh, you will cry, you will wonder (waka waka) to the incredible animation! The rewatchability of it is through the roof, and it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. Plus, you decide which version of Spider-Man is your favorite.

Universal Images

Why it’s perfect: This film is pure fun captured on film! It has bright colors, hilarious jokes and Michael Cera at his most Michael Cera! In addition, in the same way as Monty Python earlier on the list, this one ASKS for a virtual drinking game played in group chat (if you can drink legally). EVERY TIME DRINK A VERY FAMOUS CELEBRITY APPEARS THAT WASN’T SO FAMOUS AT THE TIME.

Warner Bros.

Why it’s perfect: Uh … do you need a reason? It’s perfect? Talk about how Heath Ledger remains the best Joker (Joaquin is also amazing, but come on) or how the Bat Tank turned into this Batpod thing was the coolest thing ever to happen in all-time history. Also, like, you see Christian Bale shirtless a few times in this and it’s A +.

New Line Cinema

Why it’s perfect: This colorful classic is absolute madness – therefore a perfect distraction. It features DANGEROUSLY catchy songs and great dance numbers, as well as Zac Efron at the top of his High school music career. You love to see it!

Walt disney studios

Why it’s perfect: Enjoy one of Disney’s most underrated soundtracks that had nothing to do that hard, courtesy of Mr. Phil Collins! It’s light fun with a really unnecessarily creepy start and a dark death at the end! Plus, Tarzan is BUILT … but why doesn’t he grow a beard ?! Discuss!

Warner Bros.

Why it’s perfect: This is Tim Burton’s best movie – don’t @ me – and it’s a visual FEAST for the eyes. It’s also a lot of fun to watch with a bunch of people who pretend they don’t like musicals but love horror movies. It’s surprisingly graphic AND really eye-catching. While ~ some people’s singing ~ leaves something to be desired, it makes commenting all the more fun!

Magnet releasing

Why it’s perfect: As a passionate horror lover I myself am often discouraged by the term “horror comedy”. However, this movie – next to the obvious answer of Shaun of the Dead – is an exception. It’s smart, funny as hell and completely unexpected. If you’ve seen it, watch it again with people who haven’t seen it. If you haven’t seen it … always watch it with people. It’s a great group shock watch.

TriStar Pictures

Why it’s perfect: First of all, it’s a classic. Second, what could be more fun than the thought of being stuck inside, quarantined alone, and scared of all the mirrors you pass? I will answer you: NOTHING. Watch it before new fate! BEE HIS VICTIM (understood? Because bees? CAUSES BEES)!


Why it’s perfect: It’s one of those hidden Netflix gems that you stumble upon at night while trying to get scared of your mind. It has it all: body horror! Punk rock! Patrick Stewart as a villain! You will literally scream and see a lot of “!!!” sent in group chat.


Why it’s perfect: Okay so I’m cheating and including these two together, but they are a PERFECT dual feature to have with your friends in a chat so you can all talk about how Lara Jean should NOT have chosen. … who she chose. the second movie. Yes, I have been there. It’s a super fun argument to have with your loved ones, who are probably wrong!


Coupling (2005)

Columbia Pictures

Why it’s perfect: Are you kidding me?! This one is a classic in its own right! Chat to find out which of Hitch (Will Smith) ‘s moves would work and not work on you in 2020. Talk about the stunning Eva Mendes has always been! Talk about mid-2000s fashion because OH, DEAR GOD.


Why it’s perfect: Ali Wong is hilarious! Randall Park being adorable! Keanu Reeves exists! This is the ULTIMATE wellness romantic comedy, and absolute fun to watch with others. Also, if I could have the “I hit Keanu Reeves“song played at my funeral, that would be great, thank you!


To hook (1991)

TriStar Pictures

Why it’s perfect: Robin. Williams. That’s it. This is the only convincing element you need. Plus, Dustin Hoffman gave us absolutely everything as Captain Hook. Pure dinner theater. Plus, the character of Rufio (Dante Basco) was one of my first legitimate crushes as a kid, and his poise hasn’t been matched by anyone IRL yet, so maybe you can. chat in chat.

Warner Bros.

Why it’s perfect: Do you like The parents trap but hate the part where they’re actually related and not just complete strangers who look the same? Well, do I have a movie for you. It’s my favorite entry in Mary-Kate and Ashley’s verse, and it’s a ball to watch with friends, if only to poke fun at the incredible faux New York accents.

United artists

Why it’s perfect: A flying car! Dick Van Dyke at his sexiest (yeah, I said that)! That Grima Wormtongue-lookin ‘dude trying to steal people’s kids! It’s a wild ride, PUN INTENDED, and a super fun watch with multiple people, especially if you have friends who have never seen it. PS I sincerely challenge you to find a song in any musical that slams louder than “Me Ol ‘Bamboo“because, spoiler alert, you can’t.

There you go, these are my choices … but what are yours ?! Which movies currently available on Netflix do you think you are perfect for optimal group viewing? Share your choices in the comments below!

Sony Pictures

Try the extension here. Also like, should we all have a show night together ??? I DO NOT KNOW! I love you all.

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