Alberta completes its passage to stage 2 of the reopening; Medicine Hat up to 11 active COVID-19 cases


Adult performers have the same restrictions, but larger-scale theatrical film productions and other performances will be permitted provided there is no audience and a submitted plan is approved.

Banquet halls, community halls and conference centers can now open for all activities permitted under the first two stages. Shandro said this includes arranging licensed entertainment activities, wedding ceremonies for up to 10 people, and funeral services for up to 20 people.

Trade shows and weddings and funerals are still not allowed.

Retail capacity limits have been reduced from 15 percent of fire code capacity to 25 percent.

“I want to reassure all Albertans that this is a prudent, prudent step and one that we must and always will be responsible for,” said Shandro. Even as we relax restrictions in these areas, strong measures remain in place to keep the risk of transmission in our community low.

Shandro said discussions on moving to Stage 3 will take place on March 22 at the earliest to give time to assess the impact of these changes, if any.

Full details of the changes are available at

There are 11 active cases of COVID-19 in Medicine Hat on Monday.

The city has now had 559 cases in total – all 11 active, 531 cured and there have been 17 deaths.

There are no new cases in the city today and two new occasions.

Across the province, there are 4,633 active cases, down six from the last update, and 129,566 recovered cases, up 592.

The total number of COVID-19 cases in Alberta since the start of the pandemic is 136,119.

There have been 659 cases of variants identified in the province, six new today.

There are now 278 new cases in the province.

There are now 254 Albertans hospitalized with COVID-19, including 36 in intensive care and 1,920 deaths.

The province has performed 5,585 tests in the past 24 hours.

The provincial positivity rate is 5.4%.

Even with the full passage to Stage 2, “we’re not quite clear yet,” Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw said.

“Every time we relax the restrictions, we increase the possibilities of the spread of COVID-19 if we do not continue to follow the important preventive measures required for each activity,” she said.

Shandro and Hinshaw praised the Albertans for their efforts so far to slow the gap, allowing the move to Stage 2.

Hinshaw reminded Albertans that protection against any virus, including COVID-19, does not happen overnight after inoculation.

She said it takes about two to three weeks for the vaccine to be effective, meaning a person exposed for up to two weeks after receiving the vaccine could still get sick.

“It is not a vaccine failure or vaccine failure causing COVID-19 infection. It’s just a matter of unfortunate timing, ”she said.

Hinshaw said the province-wide reproductive value is 0.95, a promising downward trend.

Alberta has delivered 297,692 doses of the vaccine.

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Hinshaw’s next update will take place on Wednesday afternoon.

An outbreak is listed on the provincial website at Valleyview Long-Term Care Facility in Medicine Hat. The epidemic was opened on February 12. It is the only local epidemic currently listed.

There are 6,744 cases in the southern zone. There are 367 active cases and 6,282 cured. The total dead in the area is 95.

An AHS spokesperson said CHAT News Monday that AHS South Zone currently has 34 COVID-19 positive people in hospital. There are 24 at the Chinook Regional Hospital, including eight in the ICU. Medicine Hat Regional Hospital has five inpatients, none of whom are in the ICU. Cardston Health Center also has five inpatients.

There are no local schools on “Alert” or “Outbreak” status on the provincial reporting site.

The website Support our students follows cases of cases in schools across the province.

Cypress County has a total of 145 cases – everything else has been recovered.

Forty Mile County has 118 total cases. There is one active case, 115 recovered and there have been two deaths.

Taber’s MD has 341 cases in total – four active cases, 331 cured and there have been six deaths.

Special Zones No.2 have 40 cases in total – 39 recovered and there was one death.

Brooks has 1,362 cases in total – one active case and 1,347 are recovered. Brooks has recorded 14 deaths.

Newell County has a total of 160 cases – one active case, 157 recovered and there have been two deaths.

Warner County has 163 total cases. There is one active case, 159 recovered cases and there have been three deaths in the county.

The City of Lethbridge has a total of 2,309 cases. There are 278 active cases, 2,008 cured and 23 deaths. Lethbridge County has 550 cases, 16 active cases, 527 recovered and there have been seven deaths.

The numbers on are “up to date at the end of the day on March 7, 2021”.

Read the full March 8 update from the province here.

Saskatchewan has a total of 29,806 cases, of which 1,463 are considered active. There are 27,944 recovered cases and 399 deaths from COVID-19 in the province.

Saskatchewan delivered 92,776 doses of the vaccine.

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