3 football drills to become a better finisher


For a traditionally weak sport, the energy and endurance needed on the soccer field is amplified, especially when the ball hits the back of the net. And, as a finisher, it’s your job to hone your position, make that connection and score. With IMG Academy football practice videos, watch coaches focus on the techniques and body positioning needed to become a better finisher both inside and outside the box.

In this video you will discover three football drills to become a better finisher. Watch how student-athletes perform these exercises with instructions on stance, positioning, and ultimately touching and tracking the ball. Each drill is broken down to provide specific steps over three drills for players:

  • Shoot to score goals
  • Shooting from a long range drill
  • Fold the balls to mark an exercise

For the Shoot to Score goal from inside the box, players will plant their foot with their chest on the ball before using the inside of their foot to kick the ball with full follow-through, landing on the ball. kicking foot. With the long-range shooting drill, players are positioned outside the box with toes pointed down, ankle locked, hitting the middle of the ball with the laces. And, with the Bending Balls to Score Drill exercise, the goal is to get the ball out of the air by reading its flight and leaning forward with momentum before hitting the ball with the inside of the foot.

Ready to show off your skills and bring energy to the pitch? Hit play below to get started!

IMG Academy Soccer has created a library of football training drills that you can refer to anytime! Consult our other news as well as our YouTube channel (@imgacademy) for all of our practical content.

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