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7. Wanting to give Clarissa a pet “outside the walls”, Kriegman got the idea of ​​Elvis the alligator from an ex-girlfriend “who had a wading pool in her off-campus apartment that had tadpoles and turtles and all kinds of stuff in it, “he said Mental Floss. “She was awesome – she also had a miniature alpine gondola suspended. And I was like, ‘Wow, that’s so weird. “And that’s where the idea for Elvis came from.”

8. In the pilot episode, another actor played the role of Sam, Clarissa’s best friend, before Sam o’neal took over the role.

“I was there for a few minutes, maybe I had read a scene, then Mitchell asked me to leave the room,” O’Neal recalls of his audition process in Slimed!. “Before going out, however, he asked me to ruffle my hair. I was a nut when I was in school and a bit of a class clown, so I always used to rub my big hoods, which made my hair stand on end. When I left the room and tousled my hair, I came back and Mitchell said, ‘Yeah, you got the job.’ “

9. As to why Sam always entered Clarissa’s room via a ladder in her window, Kriegman offered a very simple explanation in her conversation with Mental Floss.

“Do you really want him to ring the doorbell and say, ‘Hello, Mrs. Darling, okay if I go see Clarissa?'” He explained. “It’s just really slow to do that … It’s never commented on, and it does all night and day. I really wanted to do something unique. It was in keeping with it. the starting point of children’s view. “

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