10 Pokemon Dual Types That Should Be Scarlet And Purple

Like the “late 2022” version for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet draws closer, fans continue to focus their attention on a question they can’t wait to get answered: which Pokémon will be in the new Spain-inspired region?

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With a new region comes new Pokemon, as has been the case with every Generation. However, one exciting aspect of waiting for a new Pokédex is exploring what types the Pokémon will express. Beyond just wondering what new Pokemon there will be, what dual types will be included in the new games? There are a few that stand out from the rest as rather great, if not novel, combinations.


Water & Steel

Barry's Empoleon in Pokemon

Water and Steel is a unique dual type exclusive to Empoleon. This is an incredibly strong combination, as it currently offers Empoleon 10 resistance and 1 immunity while being weak only to Combat, Electric, and Ground. These perks cement the Penguin’s place in one of the best Pokémon starter trios of all time.

Characteristically, water types are well balanced with high physical and special attacks and defenses, but have slightly lower speeds. Conversely, Steel-types excel on average in their physical stats (attack and defense are above 110) with excellent special defense. Having another Water/Steel-type Pokemon wouldn’t make Empoleon any less special, but rather would enhance its impact on the Pokemon world by inspiring another Water/Steel Pokemon in the design.

Water & Fairy

Primarina on the battlefield in the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime

Water and Fairy may not be as rare as Water/Steel, but they have proven to be just as powerful in some ways. This dual type includes 4 Pokémon: Primarina, Tapu Fini, as well as Marill and Azumarill. With Fairy considered an overpowered type and Water as one of the best original types, combined they are still strong with 6 resistances and 1 immunity to the once almighty Dragon type.

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While the stats of these Pokemon vary, Fairy and Water types are generally well endowed in their Special Attack and Special Defense categories, though their physical stats are by no means lacking. A Water/Fairy-type could be the perfect support Pokémon for those who go for Grass or Fire starters in scarlet and violet.

Grass & Fire

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple Titles Outside Player's House

Grass and fire are two of the most common types across 8 gen games. However, in the 908 Pokémon, the two types never came together to form one. scarlet and violet could be the perfect game to introduce the first-ever Grass/Fire-type Pokémon – a new game offers the opportunity to introduce new species.

The two types often work as opposites – what’s super effective against fire often isn’t against grass (and vice versa), so despite only having 4 resistances, the combo would only be weak 3 types: Flying, Rock and Poison. Not to mention that a Grass/Fire Pokemon could be an amazing Mixed Attacker since both types have great Attack and Special Attack stats. Depending on its ability, this suit might be able to set up Solarbeam in a single turn. Although speculation, many Reddit Threads predict that Fuecoco’s final form will be the first Fire and Grass Pokémon since the croc reminds fans of a ghost pepper.

Fairy & Steel

Zacian Crown Sword

If players are familiar with games from past generations, they will remember how great Fairy/Steel types are. Pokémon like Zacian, Mawile, and Klefki likely come to mind as their most recent traits in Pokémon Sword and Shield. With 2 immunities and 9 resistances, the combination can be both highly defensive and powerfully offensive.

Although not the fastest types, Fairy and Steel types excel in their defenses and attacks. Even though the newer Fairy/Steel would be a bit slower and have low to respectable HP, the combinations of physical and special stats could make this hypothetical next Pokemon something reminiscent of Magearna, capable of absorbing a lot of damage while still doling out a lot of his own. Individually, these two types of Pokemon are some of the best featured in the games. But together they turn out to be a deadly combination.

Fire & Fairy

Like Grass/Fire, Fire/Fairy is a dual type that has yet to find its way into the Pokemon Games. If Game Freak were to oblige, this supposed original Pokemon would end up in a crowd similar to Heatran and Torterra as the only one of its kind.

A Fire/Fairy-type Pokemon would likely excel offensively, either as a Physical Attacker or Special Attacker, or both, while maintaining respectable to high Defenses. Not the fastest, this dual guy would still outplay many of his opponents and could be a complete complement to a team. Its 4 Weaknesses are overshadowed by the 7 potential Resistances and 1 Immunity. Although fans often associate Fuecoco with a Ghost Pepper, the Fire/Fairy dual-type is also not out of place for the Crocodile’s eventual evolution.

Steal & Steel

A Corviknight looking at something in the Pokemon anime

Fans first encountered a Flying/Steel Pokemon in Johto when Skarmory debuted. While unique and exciting, Skarmory has left fans wanting more. Those calls were answered with Celesteela and with Corviknight, considered the best Route 1 bird among the games.

The biggest disadvantage of steel is its low speed. Although Skarmory, Celesteela, and Corviknight fail to improve this stat, Flying-types are generally among the fastest. 8 resistances, 2 immunities and only 2 weaknesses make these Pokemon hard to knock down from the battlefield. These three Pokémon surely leave fans wishing that this dual type, considered one of the best, would be less of an anomaly by introducing even just one more Pokémon of its kind.

Fairy and Ghost


As the second rarest type, options are limited for trainers looking for a Fairy type. The fairy still has to branch out to the degree of other types – it doesn’t quite cover the range of combinations like some older types do. Still, one of the best mixes is actually Fairy/Ghost, which can only be found in the creepy but kinda cute Mimikyu.

The ghost coated in Pikachu has 3 immunities (only 1 insect resistance). Along with its powerful ability and stats, this hit combo makes Mimikyu one of the most competitive Pokemon in the game. Pokemon Sun and Moonwith its continued popularity in Sword and Shield. Surely The Pokémon Company could create a Spanish-inspired fairy/ghost for fans that could compare to the original.

Combat & Electric

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet need open world mechanics

Electric is a popular type for coaches to include on their teams. It provides cover for common Flying and Water-type Pokémon. Fighting might be less common, but they’re still powerful Pokemon. Together, these two types would boost a given Pokemon with 5 Resistances. Despite 3 Weaknesses, offensively, this dual type is super effective against 7 types.

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The potentially new combination can shape a Pokemon to become a glass cannon; however, the speed and attack stats would be potentially deadly – on average, fully evolved Fighting-types have 120 attack and 88 speed while Electric-types have 100 special attack and 90 speed. The prospect of this double-type is reminiscent of a Speed ​​Blaziken, making it a fast Thunder Punch.

Water & Fire

Volcano attacks in Pokemon anime

Water and fire combine two of the three original elements. A rare double typing, there is only one Pokémon with Water/Fire: Volcanion. A mythical Pokemon from Kalos, Volcanion’s base stats are more robust than those of a normal Pokemon, but it serves as an interesting inter-elemental inspiration.

Together, fire and water produce steam, the basis of Volcanion’s design. Currently, there are two Water-type moves that can leave a target scorched: Steam Eruption and Volcanion’s signature Scald. The introduction of another Water/Fire dual-type Pokémon might prompt Game Freak to devise a new water-based burn move. Additionally, a Water/Fire Pokemon – much like Volcanion – would likely be a strong mixed attacker capable of wielding a diverse move pool.

Steel & Poison

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trailer Secrets Legendary Monsters Release Date Spain Open World Details

What Poison-types often lack, a dual-Steel type could provide. Generally fragile, deficient Poison-type defenses usually hold them back. On average, their physical and special defenses are around 70. Conversely, fully evolved steel-types average 122 defense and 90 special defense, so combining the two could theoretically tie these statistics.

Although there is no Steel/Poison Pokémon yet, this dual type could spice up the battlefield. With 9 resistances and 1 immunity to just 2 weaknesses, a Steel and Poison Pokemon could frustrate opponents with blocking moves like Iron Defense or Shelter while still having the ability to inflict poison on them. Its 4x Ground Weakness may be one of the only ways to knock this Pokémon off the battlefield.

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